Sunday, December 27, 2015

Blog issues

Well, what a commotion!  I thought I would do something simple... open a gmail account for my son so that he could have his own email that he could access on his phone. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I needed to sign out of google before doing this. Somehow, when we signed him up for gmail, it linked his email as primary for my google account. It also linked my blog to his phone. When google synced, it added a folder to his phone with photos from my blog. Neither of us realized how these photos got on his phone, so he deleted it. Now all my photos for my blog are gone!  It will take me wayyyyyyyyyy too long to reload all those photos, and I really don't know if very many people look at this blog anyway (sigh).

So, if you are looking at my blog, and do want to see photos of my creations, please take a look at my website at

You can also see my work on facebook and ebay :o)

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