Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~ Naiya ~ an ooak realistic puppy soft sculpture

Our puppies are growing up so fast! I was planning to create a newborn puppy... but by the time I got to working on it, they had already grown much bigger! They are still so adorable and a wonderful inspiration for this life-like puppy. Our puppies are mostly black, but since black is so hard to photograph,I decided to make a the body of this puppy similar to those pups, but to give it the coloring that their mom, Naiya, had when we first got her. She is a bloodhound/rottie cross and her coloring is much easier to photograph than black! I've named this little sweetie after her.

I hope you enjoy seeing her. She is on EBAY right now and all her details along with loads of photos are on her auction.

Thank you for taking a peek here & I'd love to hear from you :o)


  1. Aww...So adorable ! I love his cute little tail and his round tummy ^_^

  2. She is so adorable Melisa. You must be having fun with the puppies around.

  3. Thank you Doriane, Елена, and Joanne!

    Yes, we are having fun with them :o) I'm just glad I have 3 children who are great with animals - the pups get a lot of attention and are very sociable.

  4. Dear Melisa,

    I already saw her on facebook this morning, she is soooo incredibly cute!!!

    Hugs Jollie