Friday, November 12, 2010


It warmed up a little and now the snow has mostly vanished.  It'll be back soon though. 

I wish I was more of a winter person... the kind that enjoys skiing or hiking through the woods in snowshoes.  But I'm more a sit by the fire with hot cocoa and a good book type.  The nice thing about winter is it gives me plenty of time to create.

I'm just finishing up my little Pomeranian puppy and am also working on something to go with her... I'm looking forward to sharing her with everyone!



  1. Yea - I can finally post! I can't wait to see your Pomeranian. I bet she will be adorable. Cheri

  2. Thank you Cheri! I'm so excited about her that I almost took photos today, but I'm creating a little bed for her and decided to wait until it's done before her photo shoot :o)

  3. I am with you Melisa. Hot coco and a warm fire. the perfect way to get creative. I can't wait to see the new puppy.