Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ Beau Beau ~ miniature chihuahua puppy and his papasan chair ~on ebay

Please let me introduce Beau Beau ~ my newest miniature soft sculpture. Beau Beau is a chihuahua puppy who has his own specially designed & created papasan chair. For all his details and many more photos, please visit his auction at

This was a fun project as my husband helped me with creating the chair. As well as being a piece of art on its own, it has some of our local history in it. The telegraph wire used for the frame is a remnant of the telegraph line put in through our area in 1866 as part of the Collins Overland Telegraph and there are still some areas where you can find parts of it. My husband found a length of this wire while out hiking – it is very sturdy and is perfect for this kind of creation.

I hope you enjoyed seeing him! I love to get feedback on my creations, so please feel free to comment :o))


  1. Beau Beau is as sweet as can be. The detail is such a small little animal is amazing to me. I love her little chair/bed too.

  2. So small, and it look so real wonderfull.

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing him!